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There's a lot to surprise you at Jim Farrell Studios.
You may produce the best music of your life.
You will sound better than you thought possible. The arrangements will amaze you.  Your original songs will be remarkably improved, and you will learn a lot about the music business.

You will be surprised at the setting. 
Jim Farrell Studios is located in Towanda, Kansas, a quiet town on K254 just five minutes west of El Dorado and 25 minutes NE of downtown Wichita. Jim is building his dream recording studio here; and though its current appearance may surprise you, he is already producing nationally-recognized music in these humble surroundings. (The prices are surprising too.) 

You will be very surprised with Jim Farrell. 
His musical skill.  His advanced engineering knowledge. His dedication to your music and your goals.

Jim is a gifted musical director, sound engineer, arranger, performer, song writer, and acoustician. He has a big heart and a bigger spirit. People travel hundreds of miles to work with him because they can't find his talent in the "usual" places.  His hourly rate doesn't begin to reflect the value you receive.

Enjoy yourself - at Jim Farrell Studios!
Some recent projects:
Jim Farrell
Jim Farrell
Coming soon: 
"FULL GALLOP" hosted by 
Tennessee Jim
on www.truckersradiousa.com 
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